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Green Night
Mobile App

free mobile application dedicated especially to the ERN project. It will ensure the organization as well as the promotion for the “Researchers' Night” event.

ERN18 - Layla Jamila

Green Night Program


Researchers from all Tunisian universities and researches Centers are invited to popularize their research activities by making short videos describing their research project. Save the dates:
• A call for e-caravans will be launched since August 2020.
• The selected videos will be broadcast in October 2020.

Green Night Challenge

In line with the reactive and participative prospective of the socio-economic fabric and its intrinsic synergy with the scientific research laboratories, organized by ARSII

e-Meetings for Science Popularization

Four virtual panel discussions using visio-conferences will be organized in order to popularize the importance of science and scientific research in people's daily lives. The proposed sessions will be presented on September and they will focus on the following themes:
• Science & Art
• Science & Education
• Science & media
• Science & Society

Scientific mediation e-Training

The proposed e-training is intended for young researchers in order to prepare them for the researchers' night with the adequate communication tools for the meeting with the general public.

Scientific mediation

The main objective is to understand the differences between popularization, mediation and scientific communication, to acquire the basics of scientific popularization and poster or oral communication and to know the different types of mediation (animation, organization of events, creation of multimedia content, show, etc.). The e-training includes theoretical lessons (visio-conferences), document studies and online group discussions. Moreover, online practical exercises will be organized such as scientific animations, production of models, games, scenarios, project writing, production of popular texts, etc.



An automatic online platform will be made available for this purpose and an early announcement of the competition will be well studied so that the entire target audience will be kept informed of all the news about the challenge. The final results will be declared before the Researchers' Night ceremonies and important prizes will be awarded to the winners during the event’s ceremony.

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